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It would be hard for OLPC to say it was 'open' and then be closed to
> Microsoft. Open means open," Negroponte said.

e ancora:

"Microsoft has always been working on Windows for the XO. We put the SD
> (secure digital) slot into our laptop over one year ago, for them,"
> Negroponte said, explaining that the SD slot allows the XO's memory to be
> expanded, making it easier for users to run Windows.
> Windows on XO "has not only been happening with our consent, but (also
> our) collaboration. Some of the first engineering models from any given
> build go to them," Negroponte said.

tempo fa aveva dichiarato altro:

 Speaking at Linux specialist Red Hat's annual user event in 2006,
> Negroponte appeared almost triumphant to have excluded Microsoft and Intel
> from the OLPC project.
> "AMD is our partner, which means Intel<http://www.news.com/OLPC-and-Intel-bury-the-hatchet-for-the-children/2100-1005_3-6196629.html>is pissing on me. Bill Gates is not pleased either, but if I am annoying
> Microsoft and Intel<http://www.news.com/100-laptop-will-boost-desktop-Linux/2100-1003_3-6079469.html>then I figure I am doing something right," he said to an audience of
> open-source enthusiasts in Nashville.
cosa dire?!
il 12 novembre sarā possibile acquistare un portatile con la formula 1 lo
prendi e 1 lo doni...  che fare?
č davvero "apertura" permettere una contaminazione che porterā a "chiusura"?
o c'č da dubitarne?

// SS

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