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Freeze NorthPole freeze a siena.linux.it
Sab 20 Giu 2009 10:33:38 BST

Marcello ha scritto:

Squirrelmail se vuoi una cosa semplice.
> Horde per una soluzione pių completa.

stavo leggendo per squirrelmail quando sul sito ho trovato questo messaggio:
 SECURITY: SquirrelMail Webserver Compromised Published: June 16th, 2009 by
Jonathan Angliss

At approximately 1700 GMT, on June 16, it was discovered that the
SquirrelMail webserver had been compromised. The project administrators took
immediate action to mitigate any futher compromises, locking all accounts
out, and resetting critical passwords.

At this time, the SquirrelMail project administrators have shut down access
to the original server, and put a temporary hold on access to the plugins.
It is believed that none of the plugins have been compromised, but further
investigations are still being executed.

The compromise of this server does *not* include a compromise of the source
control, which is hosted on a separate repository managed by

Further details will be published as soon as the details have been
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