[Tecnica] montare device mobili da shell

Michele "O-Zone" Pinassi o-zone a siena.linux.it
Mer 1 Ago 2007 09:43:43 BST

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 10:24, Paolo Sammicheli wrote:
> Come faccia kde non so, che crei una directory lui sotto media?

Penso di si:

o-zone a moloch:/media$ ls
README       cdrecorder0/  cdrom@   cdrom1/  dvd0/  floppy@   floppy1/  hd0/  
memory@   memory1/  zip0/
cdrecorder@  cdrecorder1/  cdrom0/  dvd@     dvd1/  floppy0/  hd@       hd1/  
memory0/  zip@      zip1/
o-zone a moloch:/media$

o-zone a moloch:/media$ cat README

The purpose of the /media directory is to provide a consistent place
across different systems for users and applications to mount
removeable media.  For example, this might be used by KDE's
Media Manager feature in Konqueror.  That will look into /etc/fstab
to determine where to mount a volume, and for now this still defaults
to using /mnt (e.g. /mnt/cdrom as the cdrom mount point), but you
may edit your /etc/fstab if you'd like to follow the FHS

See the /mnt directory also.

o-zone a moloch:/media$         
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